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We're the largest car scene group in the East Midlands, England. Official group for UK car meets & modified, classic and/or sought-after car owners. We have members from all over the UK with a huge range of car makes and models. From Ford Fiesta’s, to Ferrari California’s, to Kit Cars and buses; acknowledge every ride! 


Our primary hub is centered in Nottingham; a place where car enthusiasm has thrived since the early 00’s and beyond, with Max Power and the Nottingham Circuit - to now days where we meet locally in a peaceful fashion to discuss our common interest as petrol heads.

UKCarsScene host large gatherings of hundreds of cars, mostly in public access car parks to give a space, time and freedom to collaborate with fellow gearheads, discuss modifications, enjoy the smell of fuel and tyres, and create a place for release on stress from the rest of the world. We tend to host meetings on a weekend, typically a Saturday or Sunday night after 6pm – and we chose this time, because it creates least disruption to the public, and the evening atmosphere allows for a more relaxed approach. 


Outside of COVID restrictions, we typically host once every 2 weeks within our local area and once every 3 months further out across the country. We can sometimes be seen attending other meets in different towns and cities also, through convoys or stands. You can find us attending or hosting in cities for example; Derby, Doncaster, Stoke-On-Trent, Leicester, Lincoln, London, Cardiff and Manchester. 

August 23rd 2020, UKCarsScene DERBY Shutdown; as the name suggests, it was a pack out event! With over 1,500 attendee’s, 1,200 cars filling the capacity of Derby Meteor Centre, KFC, McDonalds, Benson for Beds and Odean Cinema – making national news and local headlines. Although hosted during the COVID period; We see car meets as an escape from reality, whilst still living within it. It’s a place and time for people to forget about real world problems, come together and enjoy a single passion everyone there will share. Mental health is a massive issue in the United Kingdom and across the world; it's one of our missions to bring something to light to help combat it and grant the unlocking gates to the escape path that some people desperately seek.