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Read this information section carefully before applying...

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What does being an affiliate mean?

Becoming an affiliate means your earn money simply by advertising a product or website with products sold on it. MOTORHUB. Affiliation program pays its promoters a small fee in return for the advertisement.


You'll have an exclusive 10% off through your unique code.

Where should I advertise?

You should advertise anywhere you have a large following. The people you target, and that use your code, the more you earn.

Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat tend to have the most audience.

How should I promote my code?

It may be a good idea to promote your code simply in a status post, or Instagram upload. 

But have you thought about descriptions, comments on your posts and others posts, direct messaging friends who may be interested; even your public profile bio - as well as link in the URL section to the store webpage.

How will I be paid?

Payouts are based on accumulative sales. There is no time scale for number of sales; so even if it takes 3 years to make 18 sales, you're still entitled to what you've generated!

It will work by means of bank transfer, gift cards for Amazon or coupon codes to use for yourself on the MOTORHUB. store.

You essentially earn 75p per successful sale. Payouts can only be withdrawn after you've reached 18 code uses. 

Your will need to have an active account on MOTORHUB.


Already an affiliate? Learn how to withdraw...


If you're ready to join the MOTORHUB. affiliation program, fill out the form below.


Thanks for your application!

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